Content Strategy and Content Creation for A Fast Moving World


Please be patient. We’re updating this site and will be launching in mid-June!

FMC Agency is a lean, agile brand marketing and communications shop founded by veteran communications expert Rachel Weingarten and specializing in content strategy and content creation.

Depending on your needs, we can work with your team as a consultant working closely with your staff, or manage content for your company. If the scope of the project is larger, we can (and often do) assemble and manage a team including writers, SEO specialists, copywriters, sweepstakes and promotions specialists, and more.

Below are some of the ways FMC can work with you on writing, content strategy, content creation, and more:

  • Content Creation Plan: If you’re trying to expand your brand beyond traditional marketing, we can work with you to brainstorm the best angles for content. We can then create an ongoing content plan to include articles, surveys, quizzes, and other engaging SEO-enhanced content to best support your brand.
  • Custom Content Consulting/Development: Whether you’ve got an existing publication that needs that added something, or you’re ready to launch your own magazine, blog, or website we can help. From inspiration and ideas, to concentrated SEO content we can work with you and your team to create creative and compelling content.
  • Style Content: We not only understand how to create compelling style content, we have significant experience in the fashion and beauty industries. Rachel Weingarten is a renowned beauty and fashion insider and has an extensive list of industry-wide contacts. Whether it’s a series to attract attention to your website or blog, an article, or a column about the hottest runway looks, newest beauty products, top spas, and destinations, we create stories that are well-written, well researched, and fun to read.
  • Business/Marketing Content: As a marketing and brand strategist and serial entrepreneur, Rachel jokes that she sometimes acts as a forensic marketer- analyzing the best and worst practices of brands and waning or emerging business trends. From editorials about questionable business practices to analyses of the latest tech toys, from business etiquette and international business style to social networking or the art of crafting the perfect thank-you note, Rachel breaks down complicated concepts into easily readable stories byte-sized stories with useful and usable information. Rachel is also a prolific speechwriter- from a 20-second introduction to a keynote address, Rachel or one of our content freelancers will work with you to engage your audience including creating Tweet-worthy takeaways for conference attendees.
  • PR/Copywriting: We regularly work with advertising and public relations agencies on everything from creating packaging copy to writing slogans, taglines, and press releases. From cosmetics copy to chevre labels, we can help your agency add some snap to existing copy or launches.
  • Guided Ghostwriting/Quotation Creation/Social Media Voice Development: From helping CEOs craft the perfect op-ed, to guiding those on the C level to develop their own unique voice, we help tweak, pen, or polish your copy, tweets, or statements so that they’re transformed from readable to re-tweetable.

We’re always up for new challenges though, so be in touch if you’ve got something else in mind.